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Aleksandar coordinates the National Certification Programme in Integrative Philosophical Counselling that is administered by the Institute for Practical Humanities (, which he heads.

The certification program is a mentorship based, 3 year-long training which combines reading and group sessions to build both a humanities prowess and practical counselling skills. The completion of the first two years leads to the status of Integrative Counsellor under supervision, which the participants hold until they receive their final certification.

Aleksandar is also developing applied humanities topics focused on leadership within the conventional academic research, alongside his long-standing interests in political and social philosophy and ethics.

He currently teaches Paradigms in Phychology (Intro to Psychology) to first year Psychology and Social Work students, and Psychology of Education to first year Psychology studnets.

His Master level courses are Modern Technologies of Decision-Making and Negotiation and Public Presentation. He teaches those to Masters students of Human Resources and Public Relations.

His PhD supervisions are in the fields of leadership and psychotherapeutic philosophy and methodoology.



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