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The Methodology of Philosophical Practice

The need for philosophical practice to integrate various methods, both conceptual and those based on the use of emotions, raises the question as to whetheits methodology is necessarily eclectic, in terms of the collection of various methodologies used in philosophy, or whether there is a way to move beyond eclecticism. This is the main subject of this paper. In other words, the question is whether there is such thing as an integrative methodology and, if so, what distinguishes such a method from mere eclecticism. In this text, we define the methodological procedure ointegrativeness as the process of systematizing perspectives into an orientational answer to the demands of a specific problem. What differentiates such an approach from mere summation is a new contribution that results from a synergistic and systematic meeting of positions and argumentation whose final result differs from its initial elements. Diversity in the form of a multidimensional relationship towards life and the worlresults in numerous perspectives, which is a value that should be cultivated and integrated into a reflective and actional perception of the world.

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